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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Brain Dump (the photo has nothing to do with the text)
I could have twittered this as I went along...but here is my productive day:
Got a million things done this morning...wait...it is afternoon, isn't it? Still, ran all my errands (I managed to convince the rest of the family to stay home as this was not going to be a pleasure trip...strictly business). It was snowing like crazy when I left and the roads were messy until Tompkins County. Could the counties have been created around the weather patterns? It always gets better at the county line and I don't think it is because of the plows. First stop was Barn House Antiques to drop off more Flax and a handful of postcards. I decided to make up some 25% off coupons for my Barn House goods and I dropped them off at the Grey Barn Craft Show next door. I saw lots of great stuff...mostly for me, so I didn't buy. Spoke to an artist making glass tile pendants that are way funkier than mine. I'll buy one of those if I return next week. Also, Cheryl had great new stock of felted bracelets and flower pins. Put those on my wish list, too. Then I was running late for an 11am meet-up, so I quickly checked out the teapot/silverware/bead windchimes. Hmmm....very cool. I should have taken a picture. Next stop was Greenstar parking lot for a clothing pick up...a fine batch of Stephanie Schuster and some other plus size winter goodies. Watch for them on eBay. I shopped at Greenstar...the checkout person had fab red hair. I had a quick discussion with the massage therapist about gift certificates...$1 per minute is a great price. I should budget $10 for each time I go there. Then off to Wegman's (I know, crazy on a Saturday) for a few more groceries. The store was full of beautiful people...bonus for people watching. The checkout person did not have red hair, but was well-mannered and skilled at using my non-uniform canvas bags. Shopping made me hungry so I stopped at the Ithaca Bakery for a Cayuga Cocoa (coffee with a helping of cocoa powder...new favorite drink) and a cranberry bagel with hummus (going for the sweet and salty thing). The IB staff really cranks out the customer service with a smile and it was a zoo in there. Off to my favorite "maul" store...AC Moore...and score! The thin spools of ribbon were 4/$1. A quick exchange of Skyler's skinny jeans at the Gap...thank goodness the salesperson found exactly what I needed and I was outta there. I by-passed a garage sale on the way home. What am I, nuts?

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