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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

So Many Vintage Clothes


What am I doing with so many pieces of vintage clothing these days? They are coming out of the Moravia home that I am emptying out for friends. The 100s of boxes of textiles contain anything from curtains to feed sack to cute calico to barkcloth to sparkly tulle to vintage clothing from all decades. Most every piece of clothing is flawed in some respect. Some things I can mend, some things I can't. Most pieces are unique and fascinating. That is why they were collected in the first place. Many have a chunk taken out at the hem, as they were collected mainly for their intriguing fabric or trim value. Luckily, I like to mend. Unfortunately, I am not a great stain-removal wizard, but I give it my best shot. You are welcome to come over and sift through the collection yourself. Be in touch. It's May now and we had better be done with this project in the next month or so. Or just enjoy what I have listed on the website, Etsy and eBay.

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