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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

2024 Mid-Year Update

Life goes on here in Poplar Ridge. Selling goes on. Still finding joy in the small things and trying to steer clear of the drama. 

I'm moving inventory off of my shopdinosaurdrygoods.com website as there are technical difficulties that probably won't be solved by the host and I expect the service to fade away soon. Sometimes I think I am the only one using Pattern by Etsy. 

I'll still keep goods on Etsy. The clothes will in my eBay store and on Poshmark, while a pricey venue for sellers, is probably worth the cost in the long run. EBay is well...just eBay...with it's ups and downs. There is no denying that is still where the shoppers go first. 

 Meanwhile, the studio-store in Poplar Ridge is stuffed full and open by appointment for intrepid shoppers. These days it may be more of a warehouse. I am selling at the fabulous Grain Bin Market at the Trumansburg Fairgrounds on the first Sunday of each month May-Oct. I'm in the long building. So nice to be sheltered and in a space with so many fun vendors. I also still have a glass case at Found in Ithaca. Ask for dealer #1710 if you are looking for my stuff. 

Locally, we are living through the closing of Wells College in Aurora, my alma mater, former employer, former employer of my spouse, and daughter's alma mater. We were all in until we weren't. I shake my head and hope that someone sees the value of the beautiful site and turns it into something wonderful for its next life. Our family began there and grew up there, tromping through the buildings, cheering on the sports teams, attending cultural events. 

Be well, come visit, browse the on-line stores. 


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